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The Med City Half Marathon presented by ActivePT will be a complete change up from 2019.  Our first goal for 2021 is to start and finish at the Mayo Civic Center.  We have courses that will be published soon showing the course (Published on 7/1).  It is essentially the second half of the marathon is the half marthon and the first half of the marathon.  The course will start by the Mayo Civic Center on E Center Street and run down E Center Street going east, then after a mile or so you will turn onto the Trail and cross under the Railroad tracks and run north into Quarry Hill Nature Center. Then it will go west on local roads to the Silver Lake Park area.  From here it will cross North Broadway Street at 14th St NE.  From here it willfollow the Cascade Creetrais through Cascade Park and then into the Cascade Laqke trails.  The course will wonder through Cascade Lakes area and across Country Club Road at West Circle Drive.  It will run along West Circle Drive (Salem Road) and then cross Salem Drive at Bamber Valley Road.  From this point it will stay on the trails for the duration of the course for the half marathon and 1st half of the marathon.  The trail will lead north along the Zumbro River crossing under Hwy 52, then 16th St SW, and then 12th St SW.  From here the race will go through Soldier Field Park and the across Broadway and follow the trails back to Mayo Civic Center.  The marathon then turns back onto E Center Street and does this loop a second time.

The half marathoners will split off and the marathons and 20 Mile runners will do the loop again.  This makes the marathon a 2 loop course for 2021.  The 20 mile will turn off at some point doing effectively 1.5 of the loop.

I love this course because on many of the great attributes of Rochester, Minnesota. 

These include: Quarry Hill Nature CenterSoldier FieldSilver Lake ParkMayo Civic Center area, Cascade Park and Bamber Valley area.

Enjoy the race and have fun.  The race it flat for the first 6 miles.  Then you go up in decent sized hill and back down through mile 8.  Then the last 5 miles are again fairly flat along the river.  Then you do this all over again for the second lap.  I would consider this course to be a faster than average courses.

The Relay Marathon is currently not going to happen due to COVID and the exposure from busses.

Headphones are allowed while you run, we just ask that you pause your music or take one headphone off as you approach volunteers or police officers to make so you can hear them. They may have special instructions or you may be approching a point where the different distances go their seperate ways.

Need a Room for the Event: Click "Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldier Field" has you covered!



Terra Loco Pace team will be our pacers. There is no need to sign up just find your designated time goal and join the group! The following pace groups are available for the full marathon:

Goal Finish Time

3:25:00 7:49
3:35:00 8:12
3:45:00 8:34 
4:00:00 9:09
4:15:00 9:43 
4:30:00 10:17 
5:00:00 11:26

Marathon elevation for the 26.2 miles:



Waterstops & Aid Stations:

Every water stop has at least one porta-potty and a first aid..

 Location on Course What's Provided?
 2.2 miles Water | Gatorade
 4.4 miles Water | Gatorade
 6.7 miles Water | Gatorade
 8.5 miles Water | Gatorade | Gels
 10.4 miles Water | Gatorade | Nutrition
 11.8 miles Water | Gatorade
 13.0 miles (marathon/relay only) Water | Gatorade
 15.3 miles Water | Gatorade | Gels
 16.7 miles Water | Gatorade | Nutrition
 18.4 miles Water | Gatorade
 20.5 miles Water | Gatorade | Nutrition
22.8 miles Water | Gatorade
24.5 miles Water | Gatorade
 25.7 miles Water | Gatorade

 Medical: Provided at each waterstop and at the finsh line!        mayosportsmedicine

Shuttle Busses:

Shuttle are not offered due to the start and finish being at or near the Mayo Civic Center.


Start Line (click Here):


Finish Line (click Here):

Terra Loco Pacers:

Full Marathon

Finish Time

Pace Per Mile

















Bag Drop:

twomenandatruckTwo Men in a Truck Bag drop off area is located on E Center Street near the start line (look for the large "Two Men and a Truck" vehicle). We will bring the bags down to the finish line chute, for you to pick up conveniently after you finish your race by the Final Stretch trailer.  We are not responsable for any valuables that are left in the bags during transport.

Important message about safety and security:
You MUST use the bag drop bag provided to you at packet pick up, no other bags will be accepted! The bag drop is heavily monitored and all bag drop bags are subject to search.

All unnattended bags left anywhere on the grounds will be confiscated.

Race Awards:

All runners will receive a finisher medal! Overall winners are determined by Gun Time and not by Chip Time. Overall winners are not allowed to double for their age group award. 

Marathon Age Category Awards:ThumbsUpMarathonerWoman

1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place for Males and Females in the following age categories
19 & Under
20 – 29
30 – 39
40 – 49
50 – 59
60 – 69
70 and up
Age category winners will receive a medal.
There are no award medals for the wheelchair or handcrank divisions. 
All runners will recieve a Finisher Medal!



 Official Race Beverage:             

                                  Gatorade 100x100        Aquafina 100x100

Race Swag:

New for 2021, celebrate our 25th Re-Do year with a race hoodie and a drawstring bag!  Hoodies are available in unisex sizing. All hoodies and bags are given to participants at the packet pick up and registration tables.  Medals are given to all participants who finish their race. They will be handed to participants in the post race corral.






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