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The Med City Marathon presented by Active PT starts at the Rochester International Event Center (new for 2019) which is about 6 miles away from Rochester and is a point to point marathon. You start at the Event Center and run west by the airport and then to County Road 8 or Bamber Valley Road.  You take a right here and run on Bamber Valley Road all the way into Rochester.  This road is mostly downhill with one larger downhill so it will be fast.  You will love this part of the course.  Then you get on the Mayowood Trail that takes you all the way into downtown past the Soldiers Field and many other parts of Rochester.  This trail is mostly along the Zumbro River so the views will be pretty and peaceful.  Once you get downtown the half marathons split off to the finish and you continue on and do a big loop around Rochester going through all the major parks.  These include the Quarry Hills Nature Center, Silver Lake Park, Kutzky Park and the best one, Cascades Lake Park!  From Cascades Lake Park, you will get on the trail along West Cirlce Drive that takes you back to Mayowood Trail.  This is the one area of the course that actually has an uphill (mile 20 to Mile 21).  From here, you get on Mayowood Trail that will take you downtown to the finish line at Mayo Civic Center.

This marathon offers you a taste of the many great pieces of Rochester. You start your run with the rolling hills that surround Rochester. Then you go through some of the great parks and beautiful trails Rochester has to offer. You then finish downtown at the Mayo Civic Center. A lot for one day of fun.
The Relay Marathon follows the same course as the marathon and the teams transition at the 3 exchange zones talked about the Exchange Zone section of the website.

Headphones are allowed while you run, we just ask that you pause your music or take one headphone off as you approach volunteers or police officers to make so you can hear them. They may have special instructions or you may be approching a point where the different distances go their seperate ways.

Participants 21 years of age and over: Your registration comes with a free finish line beer! Be sure to stop in at the Team R.E.D. booth during the expo to pick up your beerwrist band.

Need a Room for the Event: Click "Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldier Field" has you covered!


Terra Loco Pace team will be our pacers. There is no need to sign up just find your designated time goal and join the group! The following pace groups are available for the full marathon:

Goal Finish Time

3:25:00 7:49
3:35:00 8:12
3:45:00 8:34 
4:00:00 9:09
4:15:00 9:43 
4:30:00 10:17 
5:00:00 11:26

Marathon elevation for the 26.2 miles:

As you can see, after the first 6 miles, it is flat and fast with a lot of personal bests in this marathon.

SMCM Elevation Map

Waterstops & Aid Stations:

Every water stop has at least one porta-potty and a first aid..

 Location on Course What's Provided?
 2.2 miles Water | Gatorade
 4.4 miles Water | Gatorade
 6.7 miles Water | Gatorade
 8.5 miles Water | Gatorade | Gels
 10.4 miles Water | Gatorade | Nutrition
 11.8 miles Water | Gatorade
 13.0 miles (marathon/relay only) Water | Gatorade
 15.3 miles Water | Gatorade | Gels
 16.7 miles Water | Gatorade | Nutrition
 18.4 miles Water | Gatorade
 20.5 miles Water | Gatorade | Nutrition
22.8 miles Water | Gatorade
24.5 miles Water | Gatorade
 25.7 miles Water | Gatorade

 Medical: Provided at each waterstop and at the finsh line!        mayosportsmedicine

Shuttle Busses:

Make your life easier on race day by taking advantage of our complimentary shuttle bus service! The busses will take you from Downtown Rochester out to the start at Rochester International Event Center (7333 Airport Drive SW, Rochester, MN). The busses depart from the corner of 1st Ave SE & 1st St. SE (next to the Civic Center Parking Ramp). Rochester parking ramps are free of charge on the weekend and you can use this handy map to decide where you would like to park on race morning!

Shuttle service will begin at 5:20am and run until 6:20am. Please arrive early as possible and proceed to the first bus in line to insure everyone can get to the start line in a timely manner.

There are no shuttles back to the start line after the race!

Bag Drop:

twomenandatruckTwo Men in a Truck Bag drop off area is located in the Rochester International Event Center parking lot near the start line (look for the large "Two Men and a Truck" vehicle). We will bring the bags down to the finish line chute, for you to pick up conveniently after you finish your race by the Final Stretch trailer.  We are not responsable for any valuables that are left in the bags during transport.

Important message about safety and security:
You MUST use the bag drop bag provided to you at packet pick up, no other bags will be accepted! The bag drop is heavily monitored and all bag drop bags are subject to search.

All unnattended bags left anywhere on the grounds will be confiscated.

Start Line

Race Awards:

All runners will receive a finisher medal! Overall winners are determined by Gun Time and not by Chip Time. Overall winners are not allowed to double for their age group award. 

Marathon Age Category Awards:ThumbsUpMarathonerWoman

1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place for Males and Females in the following age categories
19 & Under
20 – 29
30 – 39
40 – 49
50 – 59
60 – 69
70 and up
Age category winners will receive a medal.
There are no award medals for the wheelchair or handcrank divisions. 
All runners will recieve a Finisher Medal!

Official Race Beverage:             Gatorade 100x100        Aquafina 100x100

Race Swag:

As a thank you and to celebrate our 25th anniversary, Med City Marathon is giving each runner a full zip jacket and a drawstring bag.  Jackets are available in unisex sizing. All jackets are given to participants at the packet pick up and registration tables.  Medals are given to all participants who finish their race.  They will handed to participants in the post race corral.



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